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Artificial Intelligence: on your marks!


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  • What is the current value of the Artificial Intelligence market in Italy?
  • What are the main directions and trends followed by large Italian companies when investing in AI? What results have they obtained to date? Which processes do they support with AI?
  • What level of maturity have large Italian companies achieved regarding the move towards adopting Artificial Intelligence?
  • Which Artificial Intelligence projects have large international companies launched?
  • What is the current structure of the AI supply market?
  • What are the key legal implications of Artificial Intelligence?
  • How might AI impact on employment levels?


Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt one of the most interesting topics of our time, and one of the most promising for the future. As a result, many organizations are starting to wonder how AI might enhance their business. Despite high levels of interest, the Italian market is still very much in its infancy and only a minority of companies say they have brought an AI project to fruition. This makes AI an area of as yet untapped potential, marked by low levels of knowledge of the phenomenon and its promise. However, some companies do have initiatives, with Chatbot/Virtual Assistants currently the most common type of project: overall, based on results attained to date, most companies express satisfaction with their projects.
This Report delivers an overall vision of the current state of the Italian Artificial Intelligence market, examining the areas of application and gauging levels of knowledge and maturity among companies operating in Italy in their journey towards adopting AI solutions. The Report also discusses the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on the world of work, expounding that AI should be considered a necessity rather than a threat. And finally, the Report examines some frameworks that can be used to help companies find the best path to adoption for them, and present the value chain of an AI project.


  1. The Artificial Intelligence market in Italy
  2. Level of knowledge among organizations operating in Italy
  3. The diffusion of different types of Artificial Intelligence solution in Italy
  4. The international scene
  5. Artificial Intelligence in support of processes: from Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Business Process Management
  6. The AI Project Value Chain
  7. The big Cloud players
  8. Startups
  9. From the four-layer model to designing Artificial Intelligence projects
  10. The AI Journey
  11. The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on employment
  12. Artificial Intelligence and Legal issues