Smart Home: Look who’s talking!


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  • Date May 10, 2019
  • Observatory Internet of Things
  • Language English
  • Pages 25
  • Function Information Systems
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • How much was the Smart Home market in Italy worth in 2018? Which products were the top sellers?
  • How has the strategy of OTTs (Over-The-Top) evolved in Italy and abroad?
  • What role do startups play?
  • How are the sales channels evolving? Which sales channels do Italian consumers prefer?
  • What are the main services enabled by Smart Home products? How can they allow companies to change their value proposition?
  • What do Italian consumers think of the Smart Home?


2018 was an exceptional year for Smart Home in Italy, both because of the strong growth in the market (up 52% compared to 2017, to reach a value of €380 million), and because of the arrival of the eagerly anticipated smart home speakers: both Google and Amazon launched their speakers in Italy, heralded by an advertising and marketing effort never seen before in the Smart Home segment. There are still some obstacles to overcome to ensure that this growth can be sustained: training for installers and sales personnel, investments in communication and – especially – offering valuable services enabled by the connected objects are the main challenges for 2019.
This report explores the application areas of IoT products and services for the Smart Home both in Italy and internationally, looking at the role played by the OTTs and analysing the numerous channels through which the solutions are currently sold. The report also studies the Italian consumers’ perspective, examining levels of awareness, current adoption rates and inclination to purchase.


  1. The Smart Home market
  2. The evolution of enabling technologies
  3. The importance of the data generated by the Smart Home
  4. Artificial Intelligence working for the Smart Home
  5. Evolution of the sales channels
  6. The consumer perspective