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    Report 09.22.2016

    Supply chain finance: opportunities in the Italian market?

    A big gap exists between the real world of business and financial word and this is an issue especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEBs), looking for new liquidity and credit access opportunities. But which are the main existing Supply Chain Finance solutions? What is the real value of the Supply Chain Finance market in Italy? Who are the main providers and how is the Italian situation compared to other countries?
    Observatory Supply Chain Finance
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    Report 10.28.2015

    Smart Manufacturing: technologies, application domain and benefits in the future of manufacturing

    This report identifies which technologies belong to the smart manufacturing model and which processes are most affected. By analysing the current situation and identifying the most mature fields of application within the wide scope of investigation, we will present a synthesis of smart manufacturing in Italy and an interpretation of the tendencies for the next few years.
    Observatory Industry 4.0
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