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New Competences for Digital Innovation


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  • Date December 20, 2016
  • Observatory HR Innovation Practice
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 32
  • Function Human Resources/Administration
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • Which corporate functions have the greatest need for new skills and digital competences? How does this differ between macro-sectors and business sizes?
  • What are the new roles and new skills made necessary by digital disruption and how widespread are they currently in companies? How does this differ between macro-sectors?
  • What are the digital soft skills that companies need to develop in order to deal with digital evolution in action? What skill levels do their people possess and what are their development priorities for the next 3 years? How does this differ between macro-sectors?
  • What are the main initiatives companies are undertaking to develop digital soft skills?


The pervasiveness of digital transformation means it is no longer a simple question of technology or strategic vision, but a real, profound challenge that involves all human capital and requires the development of new skills and professional roles in every business area, in order to analyse new opportunities and drive change. Digital also "crowds out" many tra¬ditional jobs with the overwhelming emergence of new roles. Data scientist, social media manager, e-commerce manager, and digital strategist are just some of the new professional roles increasingly in demand in every sector, yet still vaguely defined and difficult to fill internally or from the labour market. Based on a survey that involved 100 managers including HR directors and area managers (selection, training, administration, etc.) of medium to large companies operating in Italy, the Report provides a snapshot of the new digital professional competencies that are being introduced within companies. A framework is also provided to identify new digital competences required for people to effectively perform their jobs and the strategy that companies are adopting to develop them The analyses define the medium level outline as well as that by macro sector and by size.


  1. New digital roles and skills
  2. Digital Soft Skills