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The HR Innovation Practices Observatory was established in 2010 to address the extensive process of transformation to the skills needed in the HR department and its actual role, as an effect of the diffusion of new ICT technologies and organisational models. The Observatory intends to work alongside HR executives to bring advancements to the process of managing and developing human resources, which is a consequence of this diffusion. The Observatory intends to act as a point of reference in developing a culture of innovation within the HR field, encouraging communication - and creating a community - between players of both demand and offer for technologies used in the development and management of human resources.


The Observatory’s work consists of:


  • field research involving HR managers and HR-related managers (personnel administration, selection, training...);
  • three workshops by invitation for HR executives from leading Italian organisations and designated people from the Observatory’s supporters, where the purpose is to share and validate some of the research’s findings and cases of success achieved through innovative interactive methods;
  • two meetings with the Advisory Board, a small-scale community of HR Directors, to co-design and validate Research points;
  • a convention by invitation to present the results of our research with two round table events on topics of particular interest to the Observatory supporters
  • presentation of the HR Innovation awards.


HR Innovation awards

With the intention of rewarding and spreading best practice in innovation, the HR Innovation Practices Observatory promotes an initiative started in 2011 to share and introduce stand-out projects that make use of digital technology to drive innovation and improvement to the main processes in the area of HR management and development.

The winning companies will receive a prize awarded at the convention on the day when research findings are presented. Our purpose is to create a virtuous mechanism for sharing and rewarding best practice and excellence within HR departments, as these often do not recognise the benefits of applying modern technology as a lever to improve and bring innovation to HR management and development operations.

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The Observatory aims for the following Research activities in 2019:


  • Identify the goals and challenges for HR management during 2019;
  • Understand the possible application of some technological trends (social media, cloud, analytics, mobile and artificial intelligence) for supporting Human Resource management and the impact of these technologies on the role and competencies of HR Management;
  • Identify the part played by HR processes, in particular the Talent Management process, in developing a People Strategy that supports the business;
  • Understand the implications of the evolution of work organization models (Smart Working) for HR management;
  • Monitor the impact of digital transformation in terms of the skills and professional profiles required by organizations to understand the future of work.
  • Monitor the evolution of HR Tech startups to predict innovation trends in human resources.

The Observatory's Research is based on an empirical analysis that involves, via surveys or case studies, over 100 stakeholders each year, including HR Directors, Training Managers, Internal Communication Managers, Personnel Administration Managers, Recruitment Managers.


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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the HR Innovation Practices Observatory, please contact Fiorella Crespi (email: martina.mauri@polimi.it).