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The Internet Media Observatory was created with the objective of assessing the digital media market, with focus on the most innovative aspects known as the “new internet” (smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, apps, social networks, online videos and programmatic advertising). The Observatory intends to be a point of reference for the entire media sector, in terms of gaining an understanding of the multiple elements of innovation within the digital world, encouraging open debate among the players in the chain and ensuring that decision-makers recognise the many opportunities offered, with the end purpose of helping the sector to develop.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • two workshops on specialist topics, with invitations extended to our research partners and sponsors and to marketers (digital managers, brand managers, marketing managers) of the main investing companies in Italy;
  • a meeting for research partners and sponsors for analysing and discussing the research findings;
  • a public convention to present the main findings of our research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the digital media world;


Within the scope of our research, the Observatory will:

  • provide a measure of the Italian media market, with focus on digital media and the elements of the “new internet”;
  • study the markets “bordering” the media world (entertainment, the market concerned exclusively with advertising, the events and PR market, “promotional” e-commerce, etc.), which are direct competitors for a share of advertising and consumer time;
  • analyse critically the offer of all fields of new media and new internet;
  • study user behaviour in terms of using digital media and new devices;
  • analyse how Italian marketers approach innovative digital advertising initiatives;
  • take a snapshot of entrepreneurial dynamics (start-ups) at Italian and international level in the sector of new media;
  • identify the emerging factors to outline potential future landscape.


The Observatory’s research entails:

  • quantifying the market of digital media and all is elements through direct sources (interviews) and secondary sources concerning the main players in the chain;
  • prepare Italian and international study cases;
  • a survey, conducted in collaboration with Doxa, collecting 1,000 questionnaires representative of Italian internet users;
  • a poll of start-ups receiving Italian and international financing.


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Internet Media: without data everything is just a personal opinion

Internet Media Observatory

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