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  • Date July 19, 2017
  • Observatory Mobile B2c Strategy
  • Language English
  • Pages 37
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What role can Mobile have within the digital transformation and omnichannel strategies of medium and large Italian companies?
  • Is Mobile an investment priority for Italian companies?
  • What is the way to go from a tactical approach to defining a Mobile strategy?
  • What approach do Italian companies have towards Mobile Asset development?
  • What are the Bulk Text market’s growth dynamics (relationships with their customers)?
  • Where are we in Italy in the development of Mobile Couponing initiatives?


The Report focuses first of all on the role that Mobile has on the digital transformation of the consumer-company relationship process. Following is the presentation of the Mobile transformation journey, an interpretation model of companies’ evolution path, from a tactical to a strategic approach. The model considers various variables: organizational, technologic, cultural. Results are presented for each lever of the path, from a survey conducted on 170 Italian medium and large companies. Crossing answers on the different variables also enabled the mapping of the same 5 companies in different clusters representing most common attitudes.


  1. Consumers turning increasingly to Mobile devices
  2. The role /centrality of Mobile systems in big digital trends
  3. Impact of the growth of Mobile systems on B2C businesses
  4. The Mobile Transformation Journey [1] and emerging evidence
  5. Mapping companies in their approach to “Mobile Transformation”
  6. The dynamics of the Mobile Advertising market (“Mobile Advertising”) in Italy [1]
  7. Mobile Couponing in Italy
  8. The numbers for Bulk SMSs in Italy
  9. Internationally financed Mobile B2C start-ups

[1] For further details, see the report on “Mobile Advertising: Italian market dynamics”.