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Bowling for a strike with Omnichannel Customer Experience: we can topple barriers!


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  • Date May 14, 2020
  • Observatory Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • Language English
  • Pages 15
  • Function Purchasing Accounting/Finance/Control Innovation/Strategy Legal/Compliance Marketing/Communications Human Resources/Administration Information Systems Supply Chain/Logistics Sales/Services  Operations
  • Type Business Scenario
  • Sector Healthcare Insurance Chemicals Entertainment ICT Suppliers Logistics and Transport Manufacturing Retail and Gdo Private practice Telecommunications Tourism Utility Public Sector

Responds to...

  • What barriers do companies face when implementing an Omnichannel Customer Experience strategy?
  • What organizational changes do companies need to make to break down the silos that have traditionally been a feature of customer management?
  • How can companies ensure that data collected in different contact points in the company is integrated and shared?
  • How to identify which data is most valuable, and what benefits such data could bring?
  • What technology architecture could be introduced to deal with the different evolutionary speeds typical of company technology (legacy systems and digital touchpoints)?
  • Where do Italian companies currently stand in relation to these aspects? What are the most innovative examples?


The 2019 Research of the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory captures a scenario marked by sharp contrasts.

First and foremost, the data highlights how the topic of Omnichannel Customer Experience has captured the attention of top management in 70% of large and medium-large Italian companies, although it is not usually formalized with clear and defined objectives within the company’s strategic plans. This shows that there is widespread awareness of the importance of managing the various channels for relating with consumers in a synergetic, integrated way, with the aim of optimizing the customer experience and consequently improve the company business performance.

At the same time, however, considerable difficulties arise when trying to translate these omnichannel customer experience objectives into practice. Companies find themselves faced with numerous barriers to introducing a truly “omnichannel” strategy, barriers related to cultural-organizational aspects, the ways of collecting and integrating data and finally, introducing and managing the right supporting technologies.

These barriers cannot – and should not – become excuses for slowing down the inevitable customer-centric transformation.


  1. Strategies and organization models: barriers to overcome and solutions implemented by Italian companies
  2. Data: barriers to overcome and solutions implemented by Italian companies
  3. Technology: barriers to overcome and solutions implemented by Italian companies
  4. The level of maturity of Italian companies