Humanizing Digital Technologies through Design Thinking: Transformations, Applications and Evolutions


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Responds to...

  • How can Design Thinking be used by companies to increase their innovative capacity?
  • What is the role of Design Thinking in providing meaning to digital technologies so that they can bring value to people?
  • How can Design Thinking be used by companies to effectively tackle the challenges introduced by digital technologies and produce innovation?
  • Which digital technologies are used in Design Thinking projects? How did they influence the related approaches?
  • How does Design Thinking allow using human and artificial intelligence synergistically?
  • How does Design Thinking enable value interactions between people and objects?
  • How does the availability of huge amounts of data influence the creative process behind Design Thinking?


The report explores the tension generated by the interaction between digital technologies and Design Thinking. The topic is deepened through three different perspectives:
- Transformations in the way consultants interpret Design Thinking: this research line benefits from the collaboration with Delft University of Technology, Imperial College Business School, Reykjavik University and Stockholm School of Economics in order to provide a global overview about the approaches, practices and capabilities of Design Thinking developed by the consulting organizations;
- Applications of Design Thinking by innovators: this research line investigates the similarities and differences in the pioneering adoption of Design Thinking by innovators across industries (e.g., Finance, Energy, Information and Communication, Public Administration) and professional roles (e.g., C-levels, Design, Research and Development, Marketing, IT);
- Evolutions of Design Thinking enabled by emerging startups: this research line identifies those emerging startups that provide interesting technological solutions (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT) to empower the Design Thinking processes.
Each perspective is deepened through the data gathered during the research process and the experience of several leading players in the Design Thinking ecosystem.


  1. Framework – Design Thinking: Approaches, Players and Digital Technologie
  2. Research Results: Transformations – The role of Design Thinking in Digital Transformation
  3. Research Results: Applications – The Interplay Between Design Thinking and Digital Technologies
  4. Research Results: Evolutions – Empowering Design Thinking through Digital Technologies
  5. Research Approach – Research Methodology
  6. Community Development Initiatives – Design Thinking Jams and Workshops
  7. Team – Research Team, Partners and Sponsors