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Online Gaming in Italy: market


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  • Date May 08, 2015
  • Observatory Online Gaming
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 20
  • Function Marketing/Communications
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • How much is the Italian Online Gaming market worth?
  • What is the presence of the Online Gaming in the overall game segment?
  • What is the relationship with the Italian markets of entertainment and digital transaction?
  • What is the situation of the other regulated European markets?
  • How many players are present in Italy?
  • How the gaming dealers are evolving?
  • What is the market concentration?
  • What is the role of the new Smartphone and Tablet gaming channels?
  • Which developments are taking place in the industry?


Over recent years, the distribution of gross gaming revenue (GGR) from online gambling in Italy has been shifting within the relative game categories. Poker is losing position, having fallen out of fashion, and now the market is driven by casino games and sports betting, alongside the recently introduced new game types/variants, such as online lotto, personalised betting, virtual betting and betting exchange. Gambling in Italy is increasingly becoming a mobile-based pursuit (using smartphone and tablets). With gamblers using mobile devices - especially common in sports bets, card games and casino games - they can easily be intercepted during down times or a sports event. For the operators that have acted strategically, this is becoming a very high performing channel. The sector is increasingly confined to gambling enthusiasts. In 2014, the numbers of active gamers dropped to 640,000 on average per month. With, basically, no more products to add to the AAMS (Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency - the gambling r...


  1. Market Dynamics
  2. Players
  3. Operators
  4. New Gaming Channels
  5. Evolution of the sector