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Evolutions of Design Thinking enabled by Emerging Startups


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Responds to...

  • Which support is provided by digital startups to Design Thinking processes?
  • How mature is the digital startup ecosystem supporting Design Thinking processes?
  • Which approaches to Design Thinking are more supported by digital startups?
  • Which contributions are offered by the AI-based startups to the various phases of a Design thinking process?


The report proposes a map of the digital startups that support the Design Thinking processes. A systematic analysis of Crunchbase made it possible to identify 145 startups for which several elements are reported: the geographical location, the level of funding collected over the years, the organizational structure (with a focus on the founders' background), the approaches and phases of Design Thinking that are supported. Particular emphasis is given to startups offering Artificial Intelligence solutions.


  1. Introduction
  2. Research results
  3. Annex