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Talent Management Journey: define the roadmap to innovate talent management within the company


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Responds to...

  • What is the Talent Management Journey and how can it help HR departments
  • The various stages of maturity of every talent management key process (recruitment, performance management, training and career planning)
  • Roadmaps to innovate in-company talent management


The webinar is focused on broadening human resource management skills providing analyses, tools and indications regarding the use of digital technologies to support all typical HR Management processes, from recruiting to performance management.


Fiorella Crespi
Researcher at the School of Management del Politecnico di Milano where she is Director of the HR Innovation Practices Observatory and Smart Working Observatory, previously she worked on Unified Communication & Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, and Intranet themes, as regards, in particular, Italian banks.

Martina Mauri
HR Innovation Practice Observatory Research Analyst, Politecnico di Milano