Mobile Payment & Commerce: conquering the world


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  • What have the most important events for Mobile Payment & Commerce been in 2016?
  • What steps did the biggest international Mobile Payment players take and when will these players come to Italy?
  • How much is the digital market worth today and what are the current growth predictions and trends?
  • How are Mobile person-to-person solutions evolving?
  • Are all retailers ready to accept Mobile Payments? Are consumers ready to pay via mobile phone?
  • What do Italian Mobile Wallet users think about the provided services?
  • What are the main innovation directions within Mobile Payment & Commerce foreran by startups?


Competition in Mobile Payment & Commerce is now in full force, with all players getting involved in the competition to win over retailers and consumers of the world as regards payments, and more. In Italy New Digital Payments reach a total of 30 billion euros in transactions. Mobile Remote Commerce has grown by 67% in 2016 reaching 3.3 billion euros, equal to approximately 17% of total eCommerce transactions, followed by Mobile Remote Payment with 600 million euros. Still at the start in Italy, Mobile Proximity Payment accounted for less than 10 million in transactions in 2016. Regarding NFC, services are still lacking but p2b (person-to-business) money transfer solutions are gaining ground among retailers, and leverage geolocation or the qr codes to complete the payment in-store. 2016 was also the year in which, probably for the first time, retailers became the promoters of innovative payment policies, with several members launching innovative payment solutions within their shops. Surveys on retailers and consumers also indicate interest and curiosity in testing Mobile Payment solutions. This Report presents a comprehensive picture of the Mobile Payment & Commerce market in Italy in all its connotations (both Remote and Proximity). The figures analysed include 2016 transaction and forecasts to 2019, as well as offer development trends in Italy.


  1. Key questions
  2. Introduction
  3. Mobile Payment & Commerce conquering the world
  4. Il Mobile Payment & Commerce worldwide
  5. Digital Payments in Italy
  6. Drivers of innovation in payments
  7. Payment innovation orientations
  8. Mobile wallet services from the user’s viewpoint: their current experience and possible future developments
  9. The digital payments (r)evolution: the regulatory framework