Executive Briefings

Why is Mobile central to omnichannel and digital transformation strategies

Marta Valsecchi, Mobile B2C Strategy Observatory Research Director, Osservatori Digital Innovation of Politecnico di Milano

Why is Mobile central to omnichannel and digital transformation strategies

In a scenario where use of the Internet is rapidly shifting to mobile devices, talking about Digital Transformation within companies is no longer enough. Process rethinking, back-end systems reengineering, creating new business models, revising organizations, developing new competences, must all be based on a clear understanding and appreciation of the distinctiveness of Mobile.


The growing use of Smartphones obligates companies to think Mobile first, which does not just mean developing sites or Applications designed for mobile devices, it means entirely rethinking the interaction experience between company and user leveraging the opportunities offered by Mobile.


Then why focus so much attention on Mobile in an omnichannel consumer relationship management paradigm? Because the Smartphone is not just any touch point on which to simply replicate the exact same experience of other channels, but a “unique” contact point for its peculiarities and for the advantages it can provide. A few examples: it is the only device always available to users throughout the day, therefore the most effective instrument to activate real time marketing activities based on the client’s context and to stimulate immediate action; it bridges the gap between online and offline experience, therefore enabling completely new relationship dynamics between touch points; with geo-localisation it becomes an important means to acquire information on consumer behaviour and mobility.


To fully appreciate specific values and features of Mobile technology in omnichannel contexts however, it is necessary to invest first of all on clients’ single vision, integrating  all touch points (store, call centre, site, Mobile App, Social Network, email, etc.), and on big data analytics solutions to give value to such a wealth of information.