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The Export Observatory, now in its third year, is concerned with identifying the export models enabled by digital technology (that is, the set of commercial channels, logistics channels, marketing and promotional strategies, payment systems, financing sources, organisational matters and actions to ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and customs matters), alongside encouraging the diffusion of these models within Italian companies. The Observatory will, therefore, become a national point of reference for large companies, SMEs and public authorities.


As part of its research for 2017-2018, the Observatory’s work consists of:

  • Conducting field research through personal interviews and surveys involving the main players in the field of export.
  • Implementing numerous study cases on companies that have tested innovative export models, with the aim of sharing and spreading best practice.
  • Organising two workshops behind closed-doors to share the preliminary findings of our research and initiatives of success.
  • Organising two thematic work table discussion groups behind closed doors, focused on presenting and actively discussing successful cases.
  • Organising a public convention to present the main findings of our research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the export world.
  • Writing a report containing the main findings of the Observatory’s research.
  • Intensive media communication about the outcome of our research.


Research for 2017-2018 covers the following areas:

    • Frame Italian export within its macro-economic context.
    • Estimate the share of consumer goods within digital export.
    • Prepare a vertical study on several aspects linked to digital exports to China.
    • Conduct study cases on initiatives concerning digital exports to Russia, South-East Asia (with a focus on Indonesia and Vietnam) and the United States of America.
    • Prepare a model for the export journey model that describes the internationalisation process for exports to European countries (with a focus on the United Kingdom and Poland).
    • Identify potential export models (for selected sectors and markets) where new technologies play a significant role through an analysis of seven building blocks: (1) commercial channels; (2) logistics channels; (3) communications channels; (4) payment systems; (5) aspects concerning legislation, regulations and customs matters; (6) financing sources; (7) organisational aspects.

The boundaries of the research are:

      • Product sectors analysed: all consumer sectors
      • Markets considered: China, USA, Europe, ASEAN and Russia.


The Observatory’s research is based upon an empirical analysis involving surveys, study cases and informal interviews with sector experts.


The Observatory also proposes to stimulate debate and dialogue on topics relating to export, through a community of C-level executives (an integral part of the Advisory Board) composed of:

    • Alda Bondioli, Commercial Manager – 1177
    • Simone Zenoni, Export Manager – Acetum – Mazzetti L’Originale
    • Alessandro Andreazza, E-Commerce Manager - Arredatutto
    • Alberto Luzzi, International Logistics Manager – Artsana
    • Elena Calvetti – Calzificio P.M. and the Associazione Artigiani (Association of Craft Industries) of Brescia
    • Elena Beretta, Export Director – Camac
    • Chiara Viotti, Account Manager Export – Carlsberg Italia
    • Manuel Lovison, Online Monobrand Manager – Diesel
    • Alice Mancini, Export Manager – Domori
    • Andrea Casalini, CEO – Eataly Net
    • Donatella Paschina, CIO – Ermenegildo Zegna
    • Alessandro Carobbi, Logistics Manager – Italiantouch
    • Alessandro Comotto, Partner – La Masera
    • Vincenzo Cannata - LOVEThESIGN
    • Giovanni Guarneri, Operational Deputy Director – Latteria PLAC
    • Maria Odetti, Executive Assistant – Luisa Via Roma
    • Paolo Ganzerli, Sales & Export Director – Parmareggio
    • Anna Righetti, Export Marketing Manager – Vicenzi Group
    • Andrea Bottaro, Export Manager – Italians at Viticultori d’Italia


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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Export Observatory, please contact Riccardo Mangiaracina (email: riccardo.mangiaracina@polimi.it) and Maria Giuffrida (email: maria.giuffrida@polimi.it)