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The Electronic Invoicing & B2B E-Commerce Observatory has its roots in the objective to demonstrate the value of digital invoicing and digital B2B process, with the intention or driving the Italian national economic system towards a more meaningful and mature digitalisation and becoming a reference point in Italy for decision-makers within companies and public authorities.


The Observatory's planned actions for 2017-2018 are:

  • Field research to monitor the adoption of digital solutions within B2B processes.
  • Four meetings with the Observatory community, attended by officials from associations in the sector, representatives of the Observatory's partners and sponsors, together with distinguished guests and inspiring speakers representing their companies.
  • An interactive workshop on the topic of digitalising B2B processes, reserved for the Observatory’s partners and Advisory Board representatives.
  • Four sessions on updating and training the participants on technical and legal matters, reserved for the Observatory’s partners and sponsors.
  • A national convention to present the findings of the research; this concluding event is a cultural meeting for discussion and interaction between the operators in the sector and public and private organisations in Italy.
  • Intensive media communication about the outcomes of our research.


Within the scope of our 2017-2018 research, the Observatory will:

  • Quantify the current and prospective value of B2B turnover and B2B e-commerce in Italy.
  • Measure how widely companies use the principle B2B e-commerce tools (EDI, Extranet/Hub B2B, etc.).
  • Analyse the major trends in digital innovation within the company-related B2B landscape.
  • Analyse the diffusion of mobile solutions for business processes among Italian companies.
  • Analyse the diffusion of solutions in the field of E-Supply Chain Collaboration among the major Italian companies.
  • Estimate the benefits arising from the adoption of Supply Chain Collaboration solutions.
  • Identify and analyse a supply chain in Italy on the basis of its adopted digitalisation solutions.
  • Identify and analyse a specific B2B process and estimate the impact of implementing digitalisation projects.
  • Monitor the changes to legislation – in Italy and Europe – on the subject of digital invoicing, digital preservation of documents, dematerialisation and processes of digitalisation.
  • Estimate the impact on Italy’s national economic system of potentially enforcing digital invoices between private companies.
  • Map the B2B digital invoicing models introduced within companies.
  • Identify and analyse the critical issues and opportunities deriving from projects concerning B2B digital invoicing and digitalisation.
  • Prepare practical tools to support organisations interested in tackling digital invoicing projects.
  • Identify and examine in detail the main cases of good practice in companies that have embarked upon the pathway of digitalisation.


Sponsorship opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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Partners and Sponsors

If you would like to find out more about getting involved, collaborating and/or supporting the research of the Digital Invoicing & B2B E-Commerce Observatory, please contact Paola Olivares (email: paola.olivares@polimi.it).