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The Digital B2b Observatory has its roots in the objective to demonstrate the value of digital invoicing and digital B2B process, with the intention or driving the Italian national economic system towards a more meaningful and mature digitalisation and becoming a reference point in Italy for decision-makers within companies and public authorities.


The Observatory's planned actions for 2019-2020 are:

  • Field research to understand electronic invoicing, company process digitization, eSupply Chain, and data valorisation in detail;
  • Three meetings with the Observatory community, attended by officials from associations in the sector, representatives of the Observatory's partners and sponsors, company representatives that are part of the Observatory’s Advisory Board, institutional representatives responsible for the themes covered by the Observatory (Agenzia delle Entrate/IRS, Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale/Agency for Digital Italy, MEF/Ministry of Economy and Finance);
  • An interactive workshop on the topic of digitising B2B processes, reserved for the Observatory’s partners and Advisory Board representatives;
  • Three sessions on updating and training the participants on technical and legal matters;
  • A convention to present the findings of the research; this concluding event is a cultural meeting for discussion and interaction between the operators in the sector and public and private organisations in Italy;
  • The development of a bimonthly Press Release on Observatory main news topics delivered to all the Community;
  • Intensive media communication about the outcomes of our research.


Within the scope of our 2019-2020 research, the Observatory will:

  • Quantify the exchange of electronic invoices in Italy while constantly monitoring legislation regarding Electronic invoicing, digital storage, document dematerialization and process digitization;
  • Monitor the value of B2b transactions in Italy, the share managed by eCommerce B2b solutions, and the trends of recent years;
  • Analyse the spread of B2g and B2b  electronic invoicing at European level, understand its impact and opportunities, the most widespread models and the next steps of the various European Countries;
  • Monitor the evolution of the NSO order management system and more in general of the Web Purchasing system;
  • Analyse the solution offering from electronic invoicing providers to identify the new services introduced following legal obligation and understand the evolution of more traditional services;
  • Monitor the spread of digitisation solutions in Italy (EDI, Marketplace, etc);
  • Look into the B2b payment processes and the opportunities that are becoming available to companies;
  • Survey Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence solution cases applied to the supply chain;
  • Develop a taxonomy of technologies — traditional (i.e. EDI) and new (i.e. Blockchain) — that support internal B2b and relationship processes, examine the most widespread models, achieved/achievable benefits, and evolution trends;
  • Understand the evolution of traditional technologies (i.e. EDI and Extranet) and the integration with cutting edge technologies (i.e. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence);
  • Analyse the data circulating within the company, classifying it based on nature, source, and data exchange modes;
  • Identify some (traditional and alternative) uses of the data and expand the knowledge of company happenings, identifying the information gap to enable automated and integrated management of B2b processes;
  • Examine legal issues regarding data protection, cybersecurity and GDPR implications.


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Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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If you would like to find out more about getting involved, collaborating and/or supporting the research of the Digital B2b Observatory, please contact Paola Olivares (email: paola.olivares@polimi.it).