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Digital Transformation Academy

Work Team


Digital Transformation Academy Observatory is a cultural project conceived by the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano for the digital innovation community, based on Digital Innovation Observatories and Mip experience. The Academy works in collaboration with Cefriel ( - a centre of excellence in the field of digital innovation) under the patronage of ASSI ( - for IT applications, solutions and services), Aused ( - a reference point for CIOs of companies in Italy), CDTI ( - an apolitical association for social, economic and industrial development in Italy), CIO AICA Forum (a workgroup promoted by AICA gathering CIOs from large organisations), ClubTI ( - an association to promote digital subjects) and PA Forum (www. - for the empowerment of public sector employees) and is a point of reference and open laboratory for developing knowledge and spreading culture. Through original and innovative methodologies, the Academy intends to work alongside the business world to stimulate digital transformation within companies and contribute towards achieving greater competitiveness. The process includes four interactive workshops for C-level executives who wish to act as spokespersons for digital transformation within their company. The Academy is currently in its eleventh edition and during this time has produced over 2,500 hours of training, 74 closed door workshops, 25 reports and 11 open conventions. Contact us to become Partner.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • Annual calendar of events reserved to Line executives, CIOs, and Academy Partners. In these workshops, we will cover the stages for designing a roadmap for digital transformation in a company, using an innovative and interactive format, based on interaction and on Partner case histories, round table debates and interactive sessions to discuss and share experiences among the invited participants, the executives, representatives of our partners and senior Advisory Board Academy executives as distinguished guests. The calendar for 2019 includes the following meetings:
    - Workshops by invitation;
    - Digital Innovation Organization and Governance ;
    - GDPR news: what is Data Breach and how to prevent it;
    - How to valorize chatbots, big data analytics, artificial intelligence in a Human Centered strategy;
    - Focus on Artificial Intelligence for global Industry 4.0 development;
    - Closing event open to all.
  • Exclusively conducted Research focusing on major of digital innovation investments and organizational transformations trends of ICT departments, including the 2019 Innovation Survey and related Reports co-branded with Partners.
  • Executive Mip Training Programs with modules designed specifically for managers, professionals and entrepreneurs in both demand and offer areas, who believe that technology plays an important role in companies’ competitiveness. The formula enables to share and compare experiences among attending managers, and enrich relationships through debates, testimony and group work.

The work carried out over recent years has led to the creation of a community of CIOs in Italy, with over 3.400 participants as of today. Alongside the CIOs, many CEOs, general managers and business line executives bring their contribution to the research and workshops, setting out the viewpoint of company echelons about the strategic role of digital innovation in business. The Academy is backed by an Advisory Board composed of 20 senior executives from leading companies and public authorities. The Academy is currently in its eleventh edition and during this time has produced over 2,500 hours of training, 74 closed door workshops, 25 reports and 11 open conventions.


The project pursues the following objectives:

    • be the point of reference and open laboratory for developing knowledge and spreading culture; use original and innovative methodologies to work alongside companies in order to stimulate digital transformation and contribute towards achieving greater competitiveness;
    • offer constant exposure to the broadest and most prestigious community of C-levels interested in the Digital Transformation of major Italian companies and of the Public Sector, through a course of meetings and sociable gatherings;
    • enable contact with the most advanced Digital Transformation methodologies, with Digital Innovation Observatories and Mip Politecnico di Milano co-branding.


Among the fields investigated over the past ten years:

  • the role of digital innovation;
  • major trends and fields of digital innovation;
  • ICT governance choices;
  • evolution in ICT executives’ competencies;
  • role of CIOs and their relationship with the Board and business line administration;
  • role of Innovation manager;
  • the measure of innovation.


Sponsorship opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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Partners and Sponsors

For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Digital Innovation Academy, please contact Dr. Alessandra Luksch (email: