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  • A model to map eLeadership competences, from "soft" and relational competences to management and context competences, to specific competences on how digital technologies can be used for organizational and business goals
  • Digital Soft Skills: which are they and why is it necessary to develop them


The webinar is focused on broadening human resource management skills providing analyses, tools and indications regarding the use of digital technologies to support all typical HR Management processes, from recruiting to performance management.


Giuseppe Iacono
With 30 years’ experience in the technical and management field as entrepreneur, manager, consultant, trainer. Currently head of the technical office of the Roma Semplice council authority (Assessorato Roma Semplice), he has participated as expert in research activities of the Digital Agenda Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, School of Management. For years he has promoted nation-wide initiatives on innovation. Former President of the Associazione Stati Generali dell'Innovazione (General Innovation Status Association) and of the Istituto Italiano Open Data (Italian Open Data Institute) , eSkills Ambassador, he coordinated “Competenze per la cittadinanza digitale e inclusione digitale” (Competences for digital citizenship and digital inclusion) gdl of the National Program for culture, education and digital competences. Blogger and author, he writes about innovation themes including “Le competenze digitali del manager pubblico: una guida operativa” (digital competences of the public manager: an operating guide), Maggioli 2014. Collaborates with the online publication