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Customer journey & customer experience strategy


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Responds to...

  • Identifying the various customer journey phases
  • Functionality to improve the online customer experience
  • Suggestions to create effective multichannel courses


Customer journey & customer experience strategy looks into how the Digital Revolution changed consumers’ purchasing habits and processes and how companies must include an increasingly important share of digital communication within their marketing strategies.


Shan Chen
is Assistant Professor of Marketing in School of Management, Politecnico di Milano. She is the Director of International Master of Multichannel Marketing Management in MIP Business School. She teaches various courses in Master of Science, MBA, and Specialising Masters. Her research interest and teaching experience focus on marketing research, multichannel marketing, social media strategy, mobile technology enabled marketing applications, customer relationship management, data-driven marketing, and marketing accountability. Besides, she also has experience in several projects of marketing strategy consultancy, technology transfer, and international marketing communication.