Which Kind of Design Thinking is right for you?


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  • What is Design Thinking? How can it be used by firms in order to increase their innovativeness?
  • Why it is important developing people-center innovation initiatives?
  • Which is the contribution that Design Thinking can provide in a scenario increasingly characterised by several innovations and ubiquitous creativity?
  • How many different approaches of Design Thinking have emerged in the last years?
  • How are these approaches used? Which benefits do they produce?
  • How it is possible to solve complex, messy issues that ask for both analytical and intuitive capabilities?
  • How it is possible engaging people in order to develop their creative confidence towards innovative and creative endeavors?
  • How it is possible designing new developmental directions able to propose new valuable experiences for products and services?
  • Which is the composition of the ecosystem of startups supporting the Design Thinking service providers?
  • Which are the most funded startups in the Design Thinking domain? Which are their business models?


The diffusion of Design Thinking in the managerial arena has been significantly accelerated in the last 20 years and is booming in those industries where the digital transformation requires new competences and capabilities for developing effective customer experiences. Also, software developers and integrators extensively adopt Design Thinking practices, as well as large innovation consultancies or the strategic consultancy companies. The Design Thinking for Business Observatory aggregates all these actors and explored together with them the potential and the weaknesses of Design Thinking. Four different approaches of Design Thinking have emerged. 150 startups have been clustered into these approaches to support and enhance them.


  • INTRODUCTION: The role of Design Thinking in the Leadership and Innovation landscape
    1. FRAMEWORK: The Evolution through 4 Kinds of Design Thinking
    2. RESEARCH RESULTS: Creating Value through Design Thinking
    3. RESEARCH RESULTS: Emerging Startups in the Design Thinking Ecosystem
    4. RESEARCH APPROACH: Methodology and Forthcoming Reports
    5. CONVENTION: Program and Speakers
    6. TEAM: Research Team, Partners and Sponsors