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Datacenter infrastructure management


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Responds to...

  • Effects on the IT department of the architectural technologic evolution
  • How have server architectures and related management modes evolved
  • What is the current technologic state of the art
  • The datacentre management mode according to the defined software model


Datacenter infrastructure management aims to examine the effects on the IT department of the architectural technologic evolution, providing a broad and detailed picture of the impacts of new trends on companies.


Massimo Ficagna
A degree in Electronic Engineering– IT and Management Systems, 15+ years’ experience in IT Systems & Digital Business consulting. He has operated as lecturer for the Politecnico di Milano on Information Systems and Business Process Management themes and is currently Senior Advisor of the Digital Innovation Observatories of the School of Management del Politecnico di Milano on topics related to Cloud Computing and Enterprise Application Governance. In the past he collaborated with B2b and Enterprise 2.0 Observatories. Areas of activity: Digital & Social Business, IT Strategy, Project Management, ICT Architecture, Enterprise Open Source, Cloud Computing, Cloud Enabling Infrastructure, Agile Software Development, DevOps.