Between web and retail, the tourist you would not expect


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  • Date April 30, 2020
  • Observatory Digital Innovation in Tourism
  • Language English
  • Pages 14
  • Function Innovation/Strategy Marketing/Communications Information Systems Sales/Services  Operations
  • Type Business Scenario
  • Sector Food Retail and Gdo Tourism

Responds to...

  • What is the value and impact of digital technology on Italian Tourism in 2019?
  • Which are the requirements and the behaviour of International tourists when travelling to Italy?
  • And which those of of Italian digital tourists?
  • In what way do travel type and traveller age impact on making use of digital tools to organize the trip?
  • How is the tourism supply chain handling the innovation challenge?
  • Which managerial levers can lead to improved results?


The Report analyses the Tourism sector in Italy, describing trends and evolution of the market (digital and physical) and behaviour of Italian leisure tourists, and illustrating how supply chain players (travel agencies, accommodation facilities – hotels and non-hotels – innovative mobility services at destination, etc.) meet travellers’ requirements. The Research goal is, therefore, to highlight the strategic role of innovation and digital tools in providing support to operators to leverage current trends.


  1. The tourism market continues to grow in both physical and digital channels
  2. Tourists between digital and physical retail
  3. Specialization and customer relationship management: elements at the base of physical retail’s renaissance
  4. Accommodation facilities struggle to retain customers in a period of static turnover
  5. Mobility is confirmed as an innovation ground
  6. 2020 challenges: smart destination and sustainability