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  • What are the main characteristics of the Retail infrastructure in Italy?
  • How much do Italian retailers invest in digital innovation?
  • What is the state of adoption of main digital innovations among Italian retailers? Which omnichannel models are most widespread?
  • Which are the main areas to work on to innovate physical sales points? Which store of the future testing projects are most interesting?
  • How can digital innovation provide new meaning to the in-store customer experience?
  • How can the ecosystem of innovative startups support the digital transformation in Retail process?


In Italy as abroad, Retail is facing a stage of great transformation. The success of eCommerce and the evolution of consumer needs and habits drive retailers worldwide to redesign strategies and processes, and review the sales point’s traditional role. In this scenario, if properly managed, digital technology may represent a key success factor: it can support retailers in improving internal processes and trigger the long-awaited sales point paradigm change from space intended in transactional terms to place enabling a richer and more valuable relationship with consumers. The Report analyzes the evolution of Retail in Italy, focusing the attention on the peculiarities of Italian trade and on the degree of digital maturity of top Italian retailers. Additionally, it aims to examine the main areas to be innovated in stores more closely and provide a picture of the most interesting (both Italian and international) Retail space redesign and enrichment projects.


  1. The International Retail scenario
  2. The Retail infrastructure in Italy
  3. The digital maturity of Italian retailers
  4. The 2018 Research on innovation of Meaning in Retail: from new Meanings to the Moment of Meaning