The Italian Startup Ecosystem: who is who - 2013


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  • Date March 10, 2015
  • Observatory Hi-Tech Start-up
  • Language English
  • Pages 52
  • Function Marketing/Communications

Responds to...

  • Who are the main players of the Italian startup ecosystem?
  • Where are the main players of the Italian startup ecosystem located?
  • How much are investments in hi-tech startups worth in our Country?


Italia Startup and the Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with SMAU and the institutional support of the Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico (Ministry for Economic development), present the second edition of the project "The Italian Startup Ecosystem: Who's Who". A permanent initiative that aims to provide to the national economic-political system as well as to international players, a continuously updated overview of the main players of our Country’s startup ecosystem. Through numeric infographics of Italy and of the 21 Regions, the Report summarizes the main players that are part of the startup ecosystem in our Country.


    • Preface by The Italian Ministry of Economic Development
    • Introduction
    • The Italian Startup Ecosystem: the players
      • “Innovative Startups”
      • Funded Startups
      • “Institutional” Investors
      • Incubators and Accelerators
      • Science and Technology Parks
      • Coworking spaces
      • Startup competitions
      • Associations, Online Resources & Communities
    • The Italian Startup Ecosystem: the regions
      • Valle d’Aosta
      • Piemonte
      • Lombardia
      • Veneto
      • Trentino-Alto Adige
      • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
      • Liguria
      • Emilia-Romagna
      • Toscana
      • Marche
      • Umbria
      • Lazio
      • Abruzzo
      • Molise
      • Campania
      • Puglia
      • Basilicata
      • Calabria
      • Sicilia
      • Sardegna
    • Investments in hi-tech startups in Italy
      • Investments
      • Funded Startups
    • Methodology Note