The digital Tourism market in Italy in 2016


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Responds to...

  • How much si digital Tourism worth in Italy in 2016?
  • How is the digital market for the different tourist flows (incoming, outgoing and domestic) in 2016?
  • What is the impact of Mobile?
  • What is the impact of Business Travel and OTA bookings?
  • What is its current relevance and what future impact will the sharing economy have?
  • How does the Italian digital Tourist behave?
  • What are the most important contact points to reach Italian digital Tourists?
  • What is the impact of digital technology in business travel management within Italian companies?
  • What use do Travel Agencies, Hospitality facilities, and Foodservice organisations make of digital tools?
  • What do Hospitality facilities and Foodservice organisations think of OTA review sites?
  • What digital tools are used and developed by Destinations?
  • What are the most meaningful trends emerging from the national and international Startup scenario?


At its third edition, the Digital Innovation in Tourism Observatory has extended investigation ambits to provide the broadest support possible to the sector and, in particular, it has:

  • Measured the progress of the digital tourism market, by quantifying select key products and calculating the indicators required to correctly understand digital events;
  • Examined the use and impact of digital instruments on some key players of the supply chain, pivotal points between Tourists' physical and digital experience, and in particular Travel agencies, Hospitality, Foodservice and Destinations;
  • delineated the behaviours of the Italian digital Tourist throughout the various phases of the tourist experience (the digital tourist journey);
  • focused on understanding the role of digital technology in business travel management processes within Italian companies, adopted instruments and impacts in particular;
  • defined Tourism’s main “digital future” scenarios in order to enable the various players of the supply chain to get up to speed for the challenges they will have to face over the next decade.


  1. The digital Tourism market in Italy is making progress
  2. Italians’ Tourist Journey is already very Digital
  3. The inescapable progress of digital technology in Business Travel
  4. The surprisingly good feeling between Local Tourist Offering and large Internet Companies
  5. Travel agencies … bright and dark spots
  6. Hospitality facilities working on winning back digital relationships
  7. Foodservice businesses: very focused on reviews, much less on digital booking
  8. Destinations: from the DIY of local administrations to the hunting ground of Internet Companies
  9. Startups and the challenge to OTAs: David vs. Goliath?