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Smart Working: keep this revolution going


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  • Date February 04, 2019
  • Observatory Smart Working
  • Language English
  • Pages 22
  • Function Human Resources/Administration
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • How much has Smart Working spread in Italy?
  • What are the latest and best Smart Working initiatives?
  • What are the differences in its adoption between large companies, SMBs and the Public Sector?
  • What is the impact of legislative measures recently adopted in the field of Smart Working?
  • What benefits is Smart Working bringing to organizations, people and society?
  • How many Smart Workers are there in Italy?


One year after approval of the law on Smart Working, interest in Smart Working keeps growing. The Report highlights the outcome of Researchconducted in 2018 by the Observatory, that analysed the adoption of initiatives in Italy in large companies, SMBs and Public Sector Authorities, assessing also the initial impact of the legislative measures. Research results and interaction with the players involved are leveraged to conduct in-depth examination on how Smart Working is changing the face of company facilities, its links with digital innovation, and the effects on productivity, people motivation, and satisfaction. Moreover, the survey results from the workers’ viewpoint will be presented, along with the benefits perceived and the critical issues associated with the adoption of Smart Working.


  1. Smart Workers
  2. Smart Working in organizations: a phenomenon running at different speeds
  3. The effects of legislation
  4. Smart Working in large companies
  5. Smart Working projects in PS Authorities
  6. Critical aspects and benefits of Smart Working
  7. Smart Working: keep this revolution going