Smart Working: below the tip of the iceberg


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Smart Working became a reality in Italy in 2017. The Italian law on smart working (known as the “Legge Agile”) was approved, debate is raging on the topic and trials are continuing in companies. While 36% of these have launched formal projects (up from 30% in 2016), there are very few cases where these initiatives have led to a general overhaul of how work is organised. Interest among SMEs is growing, but here the initiatives are mainly of an informal kind. Among public authorities, only 5% have activated formal projects, while smart working is practiced informally in another 4%. Despite this limited application, there is considerable excitement around the topic, with interest expressed in 48% of them. Across the country, many more employees can make autonomous decisions about their working life, in terms of place, working hours and tools. There are now 305,000 smart workers, people who are more satisfied with their work and who have greater mastery of digital tools than the rest of the workforce.

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