Tourism? ... The Digital Traveller


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  • Date November 10, 2015
  • Observatory Digital Innovation in Tourism
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 24
  • Function Marketing/Communications
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • How much is Digital Tourism worth in Italy?
  • What is the digital market for the various tourist flows (incoming, outgoing and domestic tourism)?
  • What is the impact of Hospitality Facilities, Transport and Travel Packages on the digital market?
  • Which digital tools are used by Hospitality Facilities when interacting with their customers? And when managing internal processes?
  • Which digital tools are used by Travel Agencies?
  • How does a Destination become a Smart Destination?
  • How does a Digital Tourist behave?
  • At what point does a Digital Tourist carry our research, make and confirm a booking?
  • Which are the main devices used for making a Digital Tourist Journey?
  • Which digital tools are used by companies to manage business trips?
  • Which are the next “digital” steps that the Italian tourism chain must take?


The Observatory for Digital Innovation in Tourism is now at its second edition and its scope has been expanded to support the sector more widely. The Observatory’s work has principally covered the following aspects: measuring the progress of the Digital Tourism market, evaluating several key markets and calculating the indicators used to interpret digital facts and events correctly;examining in detail the use and impact of digital tools on several key players in the tourist supply chain, that act as major junctions between the tourist’s physical and digital experience. These key players are Travel Agencies, Hospitality Facilities, Destinations and Tour Operators;outlining the digital behaviour of Italian Tourists in the various phases of a tourist experience (the Digital Tourist Journey);understanding the role of digital solutions in the processes used by Italian companies to manage business trips, especially in terms of tools employed and the resulting impact;defining the principle scenarios for the “digital...


  1. The digital tourism market in Italy: driven by what is taking place elsewhere and increasingly digital
  2. Italians are spending more and more
  3. The digital tourist: the Digital Tourist Journey is expanding
  4. Travel Agencies face the digital test: positive, but still finding their way
  5. Hospitality Facilities: the meeting point between physical and digital Tourism
  6. Destinations: how to become a Smart Destination?
  7. The Business Traveller: placed between company policies and consumer levers
  8. Thenext steps: racing ahead in all phases of the journey