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The store of the future. The place to be!


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At a time of strong discontinuity, in which the strategies of traditional Retail and Dot Com companies increasingly converge, stores are subject to deep changes: the sales point has lost its original purpose of enabling physical access to products and is now searching for new meanings and purposes, including relational ones. The Retail transformation process moves forward, at different speed and awareness levels in the various Countries and market sectors. Main international players are testing technologies, also leading edge, to face this period of strong discontinuity and are focusing their efforts to integrate the store with other touchpoints in an omnichannel perspective. Innovation paradigms are also changing: company internal resources and competences merge with the strong innovation drive of external organizations. Italian retailers are also engaged in redefining their internal processes and reviewing the role of the store through the adoption of digital innovations, integrating store and digital channels, offering of valuable services for customers within the sales point, and experimenting with innovative store formats.

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The store of the future. The place to be!

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