The market, adoption tracks, variables involved


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  • Date March 07, 2017
  • Observatory Cloud Transformation
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 36
  • Type Market Insight

Responds to...

  • Quantify the Italian Cloud market
  • Analyse the maturity of the various sectors in Cloud adoption terms
  • Understand risks and opportunities of adopting the Public Cloud
  • Understand Cloud supplier selection criteria
  • What are the challenges in evolving towards a hybrid system


The strong growth for the Cloud market in Italy continues: the estimate for 2016 is an 18% increase to an overall value of 1.77 billion €. The fastest growth rate is for the Public Cloud, with an estimated 27% growth from 2015 destined to reach 587 million euros; also growing are investments dedicated to the Cloud Enabling Infrastructure, aimed at updating the existing applicative and infrastructure status within companies for the adoption of the Cloud, which will reach 1.185 billion euros overall.


  1. The cloud market in Italy
  2. Public cloud market breakdown
  3. Public cloud expenditure by market sectors
  4. The spread of Public Cloud services in enterprise companies
  5. Opportunities and risks of using Public Cloud services
  6. Cloud supplier selection criteria
  7. Privacy, data security and contractual aspects
  8. IT Management competences
  9. Challenges of evolving towards a hybrid Information System
  10. Cloud project management
  11. Cloud services for SMBs
  12. Offering supply chain
  13. The market by macro supplier type
  14. Startup ecosystem