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The digital innovations supporting omni-channel at leading Italian retailers


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  • Date December 06, 2016
  • Observatory Digital Innovation in Retail
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 27
  • Function Marketing/Communications Information Systems
  • Type Supply-side Insight

Responds to...

  • What are the digital habits of Italian consumers?
  • What presence do Italian retailers have in online and mobile channels?
  • How much is goods-based e-commerce worth in Italy? How much is mobile commerce worth?
  • What are the main omni-channel models used by Italian retailers that involve combined, integrated usage of the physical, online and mobile channels?
  • How is the adoption of click & collect progressing in Italy?
  • Which are the main Italian and international start-ups offering solutions in support of omni-channel?


To effectively manage customer relationships (from engagement to the post-sale stage) it is important that retailers develop an omni-channel strategy that includes combined, integrated usage of the physical, online and mobile channels. In recent years increasing numbers of retailers have been committing more enthusiastically to digital commerce, promoting not only technological change, but also organisational and cultural change, with the aim of developing a truly omni-channel strategy. The Report analysis digital innovations in support of omni-channel, i.e. those innovations that involve combined, integrated usage of the physical, online and mobile channels, and provides a snapshot of the main approaches to buying made possible by these new sales channels (online and mobile), with an in-depth study of click & collect. The report also presents the results of a survey of the 300 leading Italian retailers, which, across the main product sectors, charts the online initiatives (e-commerce and organisational sites) and mobile initiatives (apps and mobile sites) that have been introduced in support of the pre- and post-sales phases, or to enable mobile sales.


  1. Digital habits of Italian consumers and omni-channel
  2. Online presence of Italian retailers
  3. Mobile channel presence of Italian retailers
  4. Approaches in ‘evolved’ omni-channel
  5. Startups supporting omni-channel