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Overview of digital innovation in Retail: people, technologies, experiences


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  • Date January 24, 2017
  • Observatory Digital Innovation in Retail
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 27
  • Type Business Scenario
  • Sector Retail and Gdo

Responds to...

  • How much are digital innovation investments of Italian retailers worth?
  • What are the main governance models of digital innovation in Retail?
  • What is the role of startups in national and international scenarios?
  • What is the level of adoption of major digital innovations in Retail?
  • What is the current degree of digital and omnichannel maturity of Italian retailers?


In a demand context that is stagnating overall and where recovery prospects are uncertain, as well as eCommerce growth being largely driven by international Dot-Coms, the future of traditional Italian retailers appears to be connected with their ability to clearly identify targets and strategies, while acting to improve efficiency and quality of services offered to consumers. These are basically the same problems that traditional retailers of all advanced economies are facing, except that – compared not only to the United States, but also to many European Countries – distribution in Italy is extremely fragmented and our major enterprises are small.

Both efficiency and quality of services offered to customers can be greatly enhanced by digital transformation of the back-end and the front-end: a transformation that can be successful only with upper management’s full support, by appropriately redesigning the organization, and if it is not viewed as a purely technical operation to be delegated to IT specialists; a transformation that often requires – especially for smaller retailers – the backup of an ecosystem of companies, usually startups, for the newness of  the tasks performed, that are capable of effecting service commitments that retailers cannot develop in-house either for lack of the necessary skills and/or advantageousness.

The Report provides an overview of the current status of digital innovation in Retail in Italy, measuring the value of digital innovation investments, analysing digital innovation project governance focusing on the level of involvement and responsibility of the various roles, and the development and search of new digital professional profiles and finally, evaluating the state of adoption and maturity of digital innovation usage.


  1. Italian retail operating context
  2. Digital innovation in retail: investiments and governance
  3. Digital innovation in retail: open innovation mechanisms
  4. Digital innovation in retail: the adoption of technologies among top retailers
  5. Digital innovation in retail: the store of the future