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Mobile Payments Commerce in the world: Spain, Sweden and India cases


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  • Date October 01, 2018
  • Observatory Innovative Payments
  • Language English
  • Pages 35
  • Function Sales/Services 
  • Type Market Insight

Responds to...

  • How widespread are electronic payments in Spain, Sweden, and India? How is Italy positioned compared to these Countries?
  • What is the vision of Spanish, Swedish, and Indian governments on electronic payments? What actions are they effectively putting in place?
  • What are the most used Mobile Payment services in Spain, Sweden, and India? What features do they provide?


In Spain, the Country that is culturally and geographically closest to Italy, NFC technology prevails in the adoption of Mobile Payment, enabled by a very good spread of contactless POS and the broad offering of Spain’s leading banks. Decisive for the most popular and successful solutions proved to be a strong communication and service promoting strategy, in addition to the early integration in the offer of Mobile Wallets of a broad range of additional services.

In Sweden, instead, cash abandonment is already gradually taking place, stimulated both by the initiatives of central authorities and by the natural cultural inclination of Swedish citizens. Strong collaboration of the banks and the highly concentrated market fostered the extended spread of Swish, a Mobile p2p and p2b service (transfers between accounts through instant money transfers), as the single, interoperable solution that leverages another also very popular Digital Identity solution – BankID – to ratify payments.

Also in India, central authorities are having a key role in progressing the payments scenario, with Mobile Payments being promoted at government level and steps such as the “cash ban” to cut the use of cash as much as possible. The interesting and profitable combination of Digital Identity and Mobile Payment solutions is emerging also in the Asian country, speeding up, simplifying, and fostering the spread of payment services.

The report provides anì overview of what is happening in Mobile Payment & Commerce in Spain, Sweden, and India. In addition to giving scenario information, the document describes the most interesting services identified in these three Countries.


  1. A comparison of four Countries: Italy, Spain, Sweden, India
  2. Focus on mobile payment & commerce in Spain
  3. Focus on mobile payment & commerce in Sweden
  4. Focus on mobile payment & commerce in India