Big Data: Fast & Smart


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  • Date January 28, 2019
  • Observatory Big Data & Business Analytics
  • Language English
  • Pages 36
  • Function Marketing/Communications
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What are the main evolutionary trends in the world of Big Data Analytics?
  • What is the value of the Analytics market in Italy? What is the breakdown by sector and company size?
  • Which items on the Analytics budget list show the strongest growth dynamic?
  • What is the most common type of Analytics project? How are the maturity, the objectives and the impact of projects changing?
  • What are the main professional roles dedicated to Data Science? And the organizational models?
  • What impact did the GDPR have on the development of Analytics projects?
  • How do small and medium businesses approach Analytics?
  • Describe the ecosystem of startups in the area of Big Data Analytics at international level?


The Report offers an overview of the key trends currently affecting the world of Big Data Analytics, with particular focus on Real-Time Analytics and the impact of Machine Learning. The report also offers an assessment of the value of the analytics solutions market in Italy, breaking the market down into the diverse technical components and highlighting the key dynamics, the level of adoption by organizations and the industries in which Big Data promises the most potential. There is also an examination of the different professional roles dedicated to Data Science and of the organizational choices made by large companies for governing Analytics in their companies. The elements that characterize the adoption of Analytics solutions by small and medium businesses are also presented, as is the impact of the regulatory change in the area of data protection and treatment (GDPR). And finally, there is an overview of the world of startups in the area of Big Data, at national and international level.


  1. Big Data moving towards the future: new opportunities becoming increasingly concrete
  2. The key current trends: more than just Machine Learning and Real Time
  3. The evolution of the market in Italy: from infrastructure to software and services
  4. Data as a Service: first signs of innovation
  5. The analytics projects running in companies: towards Machine Learning
  6. Deep Learning and Real-Time
  7. Beyond reporting: Self-Service Data Analytics
  8. The professional roles involved in Data Science: not just Data Scientists
  9. Data Science in companies: possible routes and organizational configurations
  10. In or Out: the relationship with the supply market
  11. Big Data Analytics and GDPR: what has been the impact?
  12. Big Data and SMBs: a collection of different stories and journeys
  13. The startup ecosystem: $4.74 billion for Big Data Analytics
  14. Big Data: Fast & Smart