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Performance Management: New approaches and main evolution trends for a Result Based Organization


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Responds to...

  • What is the impact of Smart Working on performance evaluation?
  • What are the main issues of traditional Performance Management processes?
  • How widespread is the Performance Management process in Italy and what are its main goals?
  • What is the role of technology in performance evaluation?
  • How is the Performance Management process evolving?


The traditional view in which goals, compensation practices and performance evaluation as strongly connected, nearly interchangeable elements of the annual review process changes, making place for flexibility, continuous and cross-organization feedback, transparency and digitalization, characteristics that must guide the evolution of Performance Management systems towards practices more strongly oriented towards continuous education and development as opposed to sheer evaluation as an end in itself.


  1. The impact of new working models on managing workers
  2. The Performance Management process in Italy
  3. The evolution of Performance Management approaches in Italy
  4. The role of technology in the Performance Management process
  5. Towards a more Smart Performance Management system