The Internet of Value Universe, through the Blockchain galaxies


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  • What are the main characteristics of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers?
  • Why are Blockchain & Distributed Ledger platforms created and what problems do they solve?
  • What are the differences between the different platforms?
  • Which main cross-industry sectors apply blockchain?
  • How do companies use Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technologies?
  • How are Italian companies changing their organization to take advantage of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technologies?
  • How much money is invested in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technologies in Italy?


Has the cryptocurrency bubble burst? After the intense media attention on cryptocurrencies in 2017, in consequence of the soaring value increases, 2018 was marked by an unstoppable nose-dive in terms of capitalization. The Blockchain community coined a new term to describe the period: the “crypto winter”. But winter didn’t arrive for the technology behind cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain continues to enjoy a high level of interest from companies. In fact, the technology has matured greatly in recent years, and has developed and grown quickly, due in no small part to the massive efforts of the development community that orbit the public Blockchains. During 2018, the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory studied the phenomenon in all its components: starting with an analysis of Distributed Ledger systems (distributed registers that can be changed by nodes in a network that achieve consensus without a central entity), to move on to the more general concept of “Internet of Value”. The Observatory Research, in addition to studying the more technological elements, focused on analysing the application fields, to guide companies who are planning to use Blockchain and Distributed Ledger.


  1. The international market
  2. The Italian market
  3. Blockchain galaxies
  4. Smart contracts: a legal view
  5. Glossary