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2018 was an exceptional year for Smart Home in Italy, both because of the strong growth in the market (+52% compared to 2017, to reach a value of €380 million), and because of the arrival of the eagerly anticipated smart home speakers: Google and Amazon finally launched their speakers in Italy, heralded by an advertising and marketing effort never seen before in the Smart Home segment. This had repercussions not only on the overall market, but through the sales channels, with the “traditional” supply chain losing market share to online and physical retailers, who have grown not only because of the arrival of home speakers, but also due to the growing availability of solutions that can be installed by the users themselves. There are still some obstacles to overcome to ensure that this growth can be sustained: training for installers and sales personnel, investments in communication and – especially – offering valuable services enabled by the connected objects are the main challenges for 2019. Attention is increasingly focused on the data collected and this brings to the fore some fundamental topics: Privacy, Cyber Security and new Artificial Intelligence algorithms to extract value from data.

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