eCommerce B2c: the market increases, but does the value grow?


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  • Date October 15, 2018
  • Observatory eCommerce B2c
  • Language Italian
  • Function Marketing/Communications


In 2018 the value of online purchases worldwide should exceed 2,500 billion euros (approximately +20% from 2017). In Italy, in 2018, the value of eCommerce B2c demand is 27.4 billion euros (+16%). This achievement is the result of different dynamics. On one hand there are products that finally express their online potential: in 2018 purchases exceed 15 billion euros, +25% compared to 2017. On the other, there are services that, having entered a stage of maturity, grow at a slower pace (+6%), and are worth 12 billion euros. But what determines the development of eCommerce for Companies and for the Country System?

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