Evolution of the Digital Innovation in Healthcare


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Responds to...

  • What action plans does the Government have in place for the digital evolution of our social-healthcare system?
  • How much is ICT Healthcare expenditure worth in Italy?
  • What are the main areas of digital innovation within healthcare organizations?
  • At what point are Regions in the development of the Electronic Medical Record? What are citizens’ actual requirements?
  • What is the level of adoption of digital solutions of General Practice Doctors?
  • What Digital Transformation directions do healthcare companies have to face? Where are they now?


Healthcare facilities find they have become part of an intricate system of relationships with other National Healthcare System players. This implies a growing need to promptly share both clinical and administrative information, internally as well as outside of the organization. Therefore, ICT clearly has a very important role, which is being acknowledged also in terms of legislation. Nonetheless, even if digital innovation is viewed as having a key role, the findings of the Observatory’s Digital Innovation in Healthcare analysis show that adoption of ICT solutions in clinical and administrative processes, though growing, is still fragmented and not homogeneous. The Report analyses some specific areas of digital innovation within clinical processes such as the Electronic Medical Record and the Electronic Health Record, as well as of administrative processes such as Human Resources support and management systems and information management systems. In addition to a close study of the spread of most relevant features and characteristics, main actions capable of driving digital innovation in the various areas are highlighted by analysing the barriers to implementation and related benefits, as seen by CIOs and Strategic Management.


  1. Framework of reference
  2. ICT expenditure in Healthcare
  3. Key areas of Digital Innovation
  4. The Electronic Healthcare Dossier: where do we stand?
  5. Role of the ESF and Digital Services to the citizen
  6. Digital Innovation in general practice
  7. eHealth Journey: a digital innovation evolution for healthcare organizations