Digital Innovation in business after Electronic Invoicing to the P.A.


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  • Date July 15, 2015
  • Observatory Digital B2b
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 17
  • Function Accounting/Finance/Control Information Systems
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What is the "cultural value" of the Electronic Invoicing to the P.A.?
  • What incentive to Digital Innovation has played and can play the Electronic Invoicing to the P.A. in our country?
  • Which perspectives are opened for companies which have undertaken a concrete path to the digitalization process?
  • How is the offer of services and Digitalization solutions characterized in Italy?
  • What are the most important legal initiatives, in terms of Digitalization?
  • What match is our national economy playing?


In this current environment, with global competition, rapidly growing innovation and continuous search for greater productivity, all players - public and private - in the economic system are required to take a more active role, without hiding behind weak barriers and false myths, or trying to maintain the status quo, which is as comfortable as is it precarious. Digital innovation is a key tool for addressing the challenges that individual companies, public authorities and the entire national economic system are facing - and will be facing with increasing frequency. This does not mean that adopting digital innovation purely as a tool to “do better” but, rather, it is a strategic asset to be used for redesigning processes and business models, with a new focus on continuos and structural “recovery of efficiency”. In this report, we will present an overall view of the main opportunities of electronic invoices issued to public authorities, as a means of stimulating digital culture within Italian companies.


  1. Electronic Invoicing towards P.A. as incentive to digitalization of the country
  2. Digitalization projects among the companies of our country
  3. Development of the Solutions Offer and Digitalization services
  4. To the B2b Electronic Invoicing