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Digital export: a challenge, many opportunities


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In 2016 Italian Export of consumer goods through digital channels registers a strong increase, +24% compared to the previous year, reaching a total market value of 7.5 billion euro. But it still is a rather meagre share, just under 6%, of total consumer goods exports destined to final customers.

China today is the first country in the world for eCommerce value which, in 2016 reached 717 billion. It is therefore a country with high growth potential for Italian digital Export. There are at least six alternatives to export to China online: identify the model that works best for individual characteristics is key for the initiative’s success.

Though at a higher maturity level than China, North American eCommerce continues to grow, increasing its attractiveness for Italian Export: American B2c online sales, second worldwide, in 2016 registered 489 billion euros. But the development of digital Export of Italian companies towards the USA remains a difficult “process” to complete.

Other promising areas for the development of an online Export strategy are Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

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