Companies and startups in the digital transformation tornado: the search for innovation


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  • In what way do organizations, governance models, and competences evolve for Digital Innovation within Italian companies?
  • What resources will Companies deploy in 2019 for Digital Innovation, and what will the major areas of investment be?
  • What are Italian companies doing to be able to evaluate how well digital innovation activities perform?
  • How do companies and the PS use inside-out and outside-in Open Innovation initiatives?
  • What role do startups play as regards Open Innovation within businesses and the Country‚Äôs economy?
  • What entrepreneurial dynamics are there and what is the scenario of funded hi-tech startups in Italy and which are the most significant national cases?


The unstoppable transformation of competitive paradigms, mainly a result of digital disruption, decision-making speed needs to change, becoming lean and agile to pursue innovation, namely digital innovation. Companies, therefore, seek new innovation management models promoting entrepreneurial approaches at all levels, engaging the entire company population, changing leadership styles, developing scouting and incubator programs for innovative ideas, taking inspiration and collaborating with multiple organizations particularly startups. The Italian hi-tech startup ecosystem increasingly witnesses the emergence of cases that have international relevance, a very good sign of the quality of the ecosystem overall. Startups are beginning to constitute not only the value proposition and business model innovation base, but also new strategic and entrepreneurial practices (such as Lean Startup approaches) to which consolidated companies can look to in terms of Corporate Entrepreneurship.
Research highlights Digital Innovation investment priorities and organizational challenges for companies in 2019, entrepreneurial dynamics, and the scenario of hi-tech startups funded in Italy by presenting the findings of the 2018 Hi-tech Startup and of the 2018 Innovation Survey conducted by Startup Intelligence and Digital Transformation Academy Observatories.


  1. Hi-tech Startup Observatory 2018 research
  2. Digital Innovation for companies in 2019