Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence: Market and Applications


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  • Date February 09, 2015
  • Observatory Big Data & Business Analytics
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 13
  • Function Marketing/Communications Information Systems
  • Type Business Scenario

Responds to...

  • What is the market for Big Data Analytics in Italy and its dynamic?
  • What is the strategic value of Big Data?
  • What are the applications of Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BDA&BI) systems?
  • What is the governance of BDA&BI systems?
  • What role for marketing & social analytics within the company?


The report outlines the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence market in Italy, providing an overview of the dynamic of this subject matter, analysing the level of adoption in large companies, SMEs and public authorities operating in Italy and identifying the level of maturity within the single fields of use. Particular attention is placed on projects in the Big Data field, tracing the relative technological aspects.


  1. The Big Data Analytics market and its dynamics
  2. Governance of BDA & BI Systems
  3. Big Data in Marketing