B2c eCommerce: The growth and innovation engine in Retail!


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  • Date April 30, 2020
  • Observatory eCommerce B2c
  • Language English
  • Pages 13
  • Function Innovation/Strategy Marketing/Communications Supply Chain/Logistics Sales/Services  Operations
  • Type Business Scenario
  • Sector Insurance Manufacturing Retail and Gdo Tourism

Responds to...

  • What is the value of B2c eCommerce in Italy for 2019 (purchases by Italian clients from domestic and international websites)?
  • What are the dynamics of the demand side in the different product segments?
  • How many Italian web shoppers are there? What are their purchasing habits?
  • What is the penetration rate of online shopping as a percentage of total Retail in the main product segments?
  • How much is mobile Commerce worth, and what are its growth prospects?
  • How much are B2c eCommerce sales from Italian websites worth (to Italian or international consumers)?
  • What role do Dot Coms and traditional businesses play in Italian B2c eCommerce?
  • How much is Export worth?


In the more mature markets, eCommerce has already become a channel of primary importance for generating sales. In China or in UK, for example, of every €100 spent by consumers, €20 is transacted online. In markets where the online offering is a little less mature, online sales are still winning important growth space in overall trade. In Italy, for example, although eCommerce is still only a small part of overall purchasing (7.3% of the total), it generates 65% of overall Retail growth (online + offline). The market dimensions are growing, and the sphere of action and influence of the online world is expanding: eCommerce is decisive in the development and promotion of new innovative models of relations with customers, which, although they start off online, soon spread to all of Retail.

The Report analyses the B2c eCommerce market in Italy from a dual perspective: it analyses the purchases made by Italian consumers (from Italian websites or foreign websites) and the sales made from Italian websites (to both national and international consumers). The Report reveals the average order value for purchases and sales, the value of Export, the value of Import and the penetration rate of B2c eCommerce, both in general, and for specific market segments (Tourism and transport, Insurance, Clothing, IT and consumer electronics, Publishing, Food&Grocery, Furniture and home living, Other sectors).


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