B2C e-commerce market in Italy: we need vision, courage and perseverance!


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B2C E-commerce is progressively becoming more relevant and its scope has gradually become less restricted or confined. We expect the value generated from online purchases worldwide to be over 2 trillion euros in 2017 and that the main markets will be China, USA and Europe.
A number of significant factors for e-commerce took place in 2017, which highlighted both the opportunities and the threats linked to its expansion. First of all, 2017 was the year when many alliances were struck between e-commerce merchants and operators of all kinds to make common cause in developing a particular technology and/or expanding their commercial reach. In second place, 2017 was the year when a number of technological trends took hold, having the aim of simplifying the online customer experience. In addition, many e-commerce dates gained “sacred” status, including Single Day in China and Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the USA. Lastly, 2017 was a year of fierce debate on the effects of online commerce for the traditional sector.
The perception is that we are at a momentous juncture of discontinuity that is not simple to interpret or, as a consequence, to overcome. This is especially true for the Italian market.
In 2017, online purchases made by Italian consumers grew by 17% and are now worth more than 23.6 billion euros. Products (worth 12.2 billion euros) grew by 28% in 2017, and, for the first time, this sector is above Services (+7%, 11.4 billion euros). Tourism confirms its place as primary sector (9.2 billion euros, +7%), followed by Computing & Consumer Electronics (4 billion euros, +28%) and Clothing (2.5 billion euros, +28%). Among the emerging sectors, the most important are Furnishing & Home Living and Food & Grocery, which together account for nearly 1.8 billion euros.
There are now 22 million web shoppers, 10% more in 2017 than previously.
In 2017, one third of e-commerce purchases, value-wise, were made on a smartphone or tablet. The share of purchases using these devices has increased five-fold in just five years and mainly comes from smartphones, which generated over 5.8 billion euros, up by 65%.

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