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Anritsu: transforming the business model through Analytics


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Implemented solution

Technology renovation initiative that has enabled to offer Telco clients two leading edge products. The first is an agile and fast Business Intelligence tool, capable of analysing complex data in Near Real-Time. The second is a Real-Time Machine Learning solution enabling the automation of complex analyses (e.g. root-cause-analysis).


Anritsu was established in 1895 and today is a leading player at international level in the specialised mobile and broadband telecommunication networks measuring systems. Traditionally, the solutions offered provide instant network monitoring to notify the Telephone operator (in particular the Network Operations department) should a malfunction be detected. The VERTICA platform has enabled Anritsu to extend its range of activity, moving to more sophisticated Big Data Analytics solutions capable of automating complex correlations and investigations through greater depth and variety of collected network data.


  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced operating costs and client company costs
  • Training for internal resources and introduction of new Data Science job profiles
  • Extended target contacts
  • Extended customer base

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