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    Infographics 01.24.2019

    The Italian Digital Route to the Future of Tourism

    The impact of digital innovation on the tourism sector in Italy is increasingly relevant in all processes, not just for purchasing tourism products. How can stakeholders in the sector attract tourist flows and guarantee an excellent and long-lasting travel experience? What do tourists do in their travel destinations? Which trends will have the greatest influence on the world of travel in coming years?
    Observatory Digital Innovation in Tourism
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    Slide Booklets 10.01.2018

    Mobile Payments Commerce in the world: Spain, Sweden and India cases

    The international development of Mobile Payment & Commerce often provides key insights on how the sector is evolving and what could happen in the mid-term also in Italy. The report focuses on three Countries: Spain, Sweden, and India. These countries, though different from each other as well as from Italy, can provide interesting indications on how to build, communicate and incentivize Mobile Payment & Commerce services.
    Observatory Innovative Payments
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