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Priorities in Digital Innovation for Business in 2016: Investment Trends


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  • Date March 01, 2016
  • Observatory Digital Transformation Academy
  • Language Italian English
  • Pages 28
  • Function Human Resources/Administration Information Systems
  • Type Executive Opinions

Responds to...

  • How will ICT departments be composed, looking at both internal and external resources?
  • What is the right distribution between the two?
  • What are the main challenges that ICT departments face when addressing the company’s business needs?
  • How are these challenges broken down by sector and company size?
  • How are companies preparing for digital innovation?
  • Most recently, which players have been most instrumental in stimulating digital innovation within companies? And in the future?


For 2016, ICT and Line of Business departments must focus on developing and using innovative roles and skill sets both within and without the company, as a means to counterbalance the speed and unpredictability of disruptive processes typical of the current competitive arena. The management of innovation is the first challenge that organisations come up against this year, in terms of functions, skills and processes, according to 52% of Italian CIOs. In second place is Enterprise Architecture (28%), followed by the roles and skills for Demand Management (27%), with Security Management in fourth place, indicated by 25% of respondents. Although innovation management continues to hold the top spot among the organisational trials that Italian companies must face, the tools they employ are still in a decidedly traditional mould. Most companies set up a dedicated project team (39%), carry out informal operations that are managed irregularly on the basis of demand (37%) or have dedicated functions within the ICT department (35%). Only when companies reach a certain size do they introduce more innovative mechanisms. These include internal R&D units, committees for innovation and dedicated functions in the Line of Business departments.


  1. The allocation of resources in the ICT department
  2. Organisational challenges for the ICT department in 2016
  3. Mechanism for developing digital innovation
  4. The main sources driving and informing digital innovation
  5. Business Cases