Our DIGITAL INNOVATION ACADEMY allows individuals and organization teams to fully understand the potential of new Digital technologies, develop management and strategic skills, and have direct access to our teaching staff and research papers from anywhere in the world.


Through online platforms, the Digital Innovation Academy delivers a flexible, convenient, and relevant learning experience to a global audience: we leveraged over 15 years of research expertise to create a cutting-edge offer to give participants the knowledge they need to bring new ideas and perspectives on digital innovation back to their business challenges and their organisations.


Digital Program participants have diverse personal, business, and academic backgrounds and they include scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, consultants, and other roles from industry, government, non-profit, and academic sectors.


We have created 8 online webinar programs that give participants the flexibility to learn, on their own schedule, the critical knowledge needed to design new strategies and deliver on digital transformation:


Professional Tracks

The professional courses are available singularly or grouped in tracks to develop the necessary competences. Three different tracks are available to date: human resources, information technology, marketing & sales


 Human resources

 Information Technology

 Marketing & Sales

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Smart Working & Digital Organization

Digital Trend & Solutions

Digital Marketing & Sales

Human Resources Innovation

Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategy

Social Media Strategy & Management

Digital Soft Skills

Digital Soft Skills

Digital Soft Skills


How Academy programs and courses work

Our online programs combine a number of learning elements to create a balanced blend of learning, interaction and applications in the learning journey of participants. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace, by viewing the contents and interacting with the instructors:

  • Classes are entirely online, delivered through on demand webinars
  • Lesson materials are available for download to registered participants
  • Interactions with teachers are possible via email following the webinar



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