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Market Dynamics in Mobile Advertising

In 2015 the Mobile Advertising market has grown by 53%, reaching 462 million euros...

Market Dynamics in Mobile Advertising

Marta Valsecchi, Mobile B2C Strategy Observatory Research Director, Osservatori Digital Innovation of Politecnico di Milano

In 2015 the Mobile Advertising market has grown by 53%, reaching 462 million euros (source: Digital Innovation Observatories of Politecnico di Milano – IAB Italy). It is worth 21% of Internet Advertising and 6% of total media. This trend is the result of the audience’s increasing shift towards this channel. In particular, Social Networks are driving the development, with a value that has more than doubled, and collecting nearly 60% of the advertising revenue largely due to ads viewed on Smartphones. Video and rich media have also doubled their absolute value, both with ad-hoc Mobile investments as well as multi-platform ad planning. Keyword advertising grows less than the market, because in the majority of cases, Mobile conversion rates are lower than the desktop, therefore investment quotas associated with Mobile are still lower than generated traffic. However the weight of keyword advertising on the overall market is significant (about 30%).

From the demand side, the main investors are Mobile Content & App Providers, eCommerce players, automotive, telco and entertainment companies, but investments are growing essentially everywhere. A substantial shift of budgets towards the Mobile sector  in forthcoming years is the result of efforts made by companies in  2015 to make their websites responsive.